A Proper Sanitation Product for any Salon or Barber Shop

Most individuals are full of anticipation when they enter a barber shop or salon. This can cause them to overlook obvious concerns, such as the sanitary conditions of the cutting environment. Sweeping up between clients makes everything look nice and clean, but what is being done with the cutting implements to ensure that they are safe for the next individual? This is when products like MOD Clean are very effective. These easy to use disinfectant pods help keep cutting tools clean while also protecting clients from contracting diseases and bacterial infections.

No matter how hard a hair care professional tries, the cleanliness of their area falls partially on the clientele. Anyone who comes in with dirty hair or some sort of scalp condition is going to leave behind possible contaminants. If cutting tools aren’t properly cleaned between each client, any number of contaminants could be transferred from one head to another. There are several different disinfectant concentrates on the hair care market that must be manually mixed with water before using. This solution comes in large jugs that take up a fair amount of extra space and require accurate measurement to create the correct strength. This mixing process is not always performed to 100% precision so the strength is never guaranteed to be correct. Products like MOD Clean solve these dilemmas by creating a chemically proportionate, hospital-grade cleaning solution. The powdered cleaner comes in precisely measured pod packets that take up very little storage space. The user needs only to fill their sanitizing jar with water and add one pod. After a few seconds, the pod will bubble and the user can begin mixing the solution together. In less than a minute, the sanitizer is ready for use. This quick and easy process reduces lost time and ensures that the cleaner is neither over nor under mixed. The hair care professional will have an effective sanitizing solution that took very little effort to create.

Cosmetologists and nail technicians can also benefit from a product like this. There is no guess work in creating the powerful disinfectant so as long as all implements are left in the chemical long enough, the clientele never has to worry about cross-contamination. This is extremely important considering the waste created by these services. Having a readily accessible and easy to use disinfectant on hand ensures the safety of the clients while also maintaining necessary health code requirements.

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